Wood Gasification

The Seebeck follows the principle of wood gasification and has two combustion chambers. The upper chamber is filled with logs, which are a regenerative energy source.

The exhaust gases from the upper wood chamber are redirected to a second lower chamber by combustion nozzles for afterburning. Only then do the hot exhaust gases from the lower chamber tunnel flow into the flues of the back of the furnace and lead to the chimney pipe around a water heat exchanger. On the way up, the exhaust gases heat up the water in the heat exchanger.

Environmentally friendly

Wood is biomass, a renewable raw material and an alternative, natural energy source. The energy utilization of logs is increased by > 90% by the technology of wood gasification.


  • Universally applicable and can be combined with any heating technology
  • High energy utilization
  • Also available for boiler rooms

Living Space Heating

Due to its high thermal performance, the Seebeck wood-fired CHP unit can be either used as additional heating, a living room stove or as a standalone heater and hot water generator for the entire house.

Self-sufficient - Electricity for your own consumption
Depending on the specifics of the electrical engineering, the generated electricity can be used directly for consumption or stored in an appropriate battery system. Furthermore, it can also be used via an island inverter as an emergency power supply for heating, refrigerators, chargers and the like.



A heating engineer of your choice usually performs the installation. If necessary, Thermoelect GmbH can support the heating engineer in the planning phase.

We will discuss all technical options with you at your location before purchasing a BPH module. If you are planning new premises, we are happy to discuss your plans also with your architect and your heating engineer. We will give you free advice without any commitment from your side. You are welcome to visit our factory or users in your area to see the Seebeck in action.