Emergency power

Stay self-sufficient and cozy
The fire from the wood gasification CPH Seeberg keeps the house warm and heats up the shower water. The generated electricity supplies heating pumps, the control system, LED lighting etc. – self-sufficient and without any public energy supply, for example, in wooded regions and rural areas. In case of a power outage, it can be used as an aggregate for power generation. Equipped with peripheral accessories such as rechargeable batteries and inverters, the Seebeck generates electricity, heat and hot water as an island system.

Regenerative and silent
Conventionally, in order to fill supply gaps in the power generation, noisy emergency power generators powered by Diesel or gasoline engines are used. We are convinced that wood as a regenerative fuel - in combination with wood gasification and silent thermoelectric generators – is a more eco-friendly solution. If conventional heating and electricity systems are missing, the Seebeck is the best alternative to create a cozy home using firewood.