Power Generation

Through thermoelectric generators (TEG)
Our wood gasification stove generates power through thermoelectric generators (TEG), which allow a direct conversion
of heat from the wood fire into electric energy. Thermoelectric generators consist of special alloys and semi-conductor junctions and generate power due to a difference in temperature of the materials (Seebeck effect).
Maintenance free and silent
In contrast to conventionally operated CHP units with high maintenance Stirling engines, thermoelectric modules are
completely maintenance free and operate silently.
Thermoelectric Generators and Space Technology
The first technical applications of thermoelectric generators were in the mid-20th century in space probes for the exploration of distant regions in space. In contrast to other energy conversion technology, the generators do not require any moving components and are therefore highly durable and long-lasting.

Seebeck Effect

Seebeck – The discoverer's name

Thomas Johann Seebeck was a German physicist. In 1821, he discovered the thermoelectric effect that is today known as Seeberg effect. In 1823, he set up a thermoelectric series, and in 1825, he published “Magnetic polarization of metals and minerals by temperature differences”, Treatise of the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

Our wood gasification CHP unit for the residential sector is the first in the world to use the Seebeck effect with TEGs to generate electricity. Just like the discoverer of the thermoelectric effect, the name of our newly developed CHP plant is “Seebeck”.

Thermoelect GmbH is a member of the  Deutschen Thermoelektrik-Gesellschaft e.V.
(German Thermoelectric Society)